Friday, March 21, 2014

Science Lessons from Our Backyard!

Our backyard is a great place for collecting and analyzing beautiful finds of nature!

Since Liam's little grabby hands tend to want to bring in and not put down the stuff he finds in our yard, a few Mason jars are the perfect solution to negotiate (along with a tempting slice of cheese).

Now the sap-sticky pine-cone and chocking-hazard acorns can be examined and enjoyed in a safe place.

And oh-my-goodness do they make fun sounds when you shake the jars!  The activity provides a solid 15 to maybe 30 minutes of musical entertainment for Mama and invokes inquisitive thoughts within her like, "When will he EVER stop?!"

A moment ago, Liam added a twig to the collection, and now things are shaking up even more.  I wonder how long will it be till he asks to bring in a bug!  (And more importantly: when will I be ready for it?!)