Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

In honor of St. Patrick, we made a little craft here at home.  I drew a shamrock on a dry sponge, cut it out, softened it with water, and then let Liam dip it in green finger paint and press it onto paper.  With scribbles from a green Crayon and a little message written by Mom, we had some frame-able artwork for Daddy to enjoy when he got home from work!

Thanks to EWTN, we enjoyed watching a documentary about the life and works of St. Patrick.  And thanks to my mom's planning, we also enjoyed some live Irish music!

always on Grandpop's lap!

"Hoist me up so I can see the musicians better, Grandpa!"

enjoying quality time with his Great Aunt Tess and Great Grandmother

Great Aunt Tess sure had on some Irish sneakers!

We hope you enjoyed a great St. Patrick's Day...and we hope you're enjoying St. Joseph's feast day today!