Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boys in the Dirt

It's funny how I'm quite permissive of Liam romping around in some dirt, only because he's a boy.

Grass stains, dirty shoes, bugs in the pockets...all of it makes me smile.  :)

After our family trip to the library the other day, Liam spotted some big piles of dirt off in the distance.  He pointed enthusiastically with the little "Eh!  Eh!  Eh!" that we have come to love.

We were standing on lush green grass at that moment, but hey, we've already got some of that in our backyard.

This new terrain was something different.  It was SOLID DIRT.  Beautiful, brown, powdery, dirty dirt.  It was like a giant sandbox, and it beckoned him.  He couldn't wait to get in it.

I saw our favorite Converse sneakers become tan.  I watched as his little tumbles put brown circles on his knees.  I laughed when he insisted on carrying large chunks of dirt in his hands until his tight grip caused them to crumble.  And when he was done, he wiped his dirty hands on his white t-shirt.  Convenient.  Resourceful.  And oh-so-boyish.

I smiled.  I am the mother of a BOY.