Friday, April 11, 2014

Miss Abby and Mr. Matt

I always knew that Abby and Matt would make great parents. 

This past November, they had Liam and I over for dinner on a night that Daddy was in chemistry class.  They made SUCH A BIG DEAL about having Liam as a special guest.  Abby made baked macaroni and cheese, and all the foods they served that night were kid-friendly and sure to be well-loved.  Plus, their living room was full of toys that they keep for their nieces and nephews, so--as you might imagine--Liam had a blast and didn't want to go home!

This was his first opportunity to sit at the adult table with a booster seat instead of using a high chair!  And, oh, did this make him feel awesome.  He was captivated by Miss Abby and her enthusiasm.  Here he is at 14 months old...

And here's Abby and Matt, the parents of two wonderful, loving, very lucky, and spoiled cats.  :)

Abby shares the same penchant for fake food as I do.  She has a decent collection, and she enjoyed telling me stories of how she came to acquire each of her pieces, both of us laughing at how we shopped at the same places in the mid-1990s.  Matt just rolled his eyes while we talked.  :)  Liam probably did, too.

But, now, with great joy in my heart, I can tell you that Abby and Matt are expecting their own little one this coming September!  I screamed when she called to tell me on the phone, and this week I had her over for a celebration dinner and gave her some maternity clothes to borrow.

Liam was thrilled to see Miss Abby again, and he nodded his head happily when we pointed out her baby belly to him!  She's expecting a little boy, so Liam is ready for a playmate!

Congratulations, Abby and Matt!!  You will make excellent parents!