Friday, April 11, 2014

Old News, New News

OK, so I'm 5 months behind in telling you this, but Liam was 14 months old when he graduated from the regular grocery shopping cart to the one with the little car in the front.  He was thrilled when I told him he was ready to ride in the car!

They're SUPER hard to navigate, you know, and I usually end up clipping display cases and crashing into very obvious things that I saw coming.  That's why they have thick bumpers and two sets of seat belts, I guess.  The ride is a bit dangerous!

To balance out this old news, I'll tell you something really new.  At 19 months old, Liam has 10 teeth now, the last being two molars that are poking through the skin ever-so-slightly.  I noticed them last week in the grocery store, when he hung his head upside down to stare at the ceiling as I pushed him around in the cart.