Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Passion for Pastels

So... Last Spring was bold colors and stripes, with emerald and chevrons being my darlings. 

I'm sure you remember it well, dear reader, because I was just about obsessed.

But this year--THIS YEAR!--I'm all about pastels.  I can't get enough of them.  I actually splurged on two pairs of pastel skinny jeans, one light pink and the other a very pale mint.

And you know what's funny?  Who knew, but pastels drive my husband nuts (in a good way).  He follows me around like a bunny hopping after a carrot, giving me nice compliments as he hops.

"You really look great today," he'll say, and I look down to notice that I'm wearing the exact same thing I wore the last time he said it, which could have been 5 minutes ago or 2 days ago.  It doesn't matter, not to him or to me.

You see, I get stuck very quickly in the clothes that I like, so I am extremely prone to falling into unbreakable fashion ruts.  I tend to approach favorite clothes like the security of a well-loved uniform, and I reach for the same things every day for the guarantee that I'll feel good as I go about my day.

Silly, I know, but it's true.  So, pardon me, please, as I go downstairs to do another load of light-colored laundry.  I need to make sure I've got a clean pair of pastel skinny jeans to wear tomorrow.  :)