Monday, May 12, 2014

Move Over, Jenny Craig!

Move over, Jenny Craig!

The Liam Goddard Weight Loss Plan is so much more effective...and fun!

I've lost 60 pounds since Liam entered our world, and I've returned to my high school weight!  The program is free and comes in five simple, easy steps.

1. Eat all meals only partially due to constant interruption, since trying to eat while feeding the active toddler that sits beside you is often tricky and frequently messy.

2. Exercise daily by running after said toddler who never stops moving.

3. Rise early every day (since toddlers do not sleep in) and stay up late every night (since daddies of toddlers will point out that this is our only free time together).

4. Remove from you house all dessert items, since eating these in front of a toddler causes a great commotion, and since giving these to a toddler causes his energy level to spike beyond desired conditions, usually negatively affecting bedtime routines.

5. Continue to breastfeed.  Burn calories with combustion.  :)