Monday, October 17, 2016

In the Springtime Weather of October

Yesterday was magnificent.

Michael let me sleep in till 11 AM! 

Then we leisurely got ourselves and the kids dressed before we jetted off in the Springtime weather of mid-October for an afternoon healing mass.  :)

Both Michael and I received the sacrament, and we got to meet up with our dear friend Chris.  This is actually the second time in our marriage where we've both received this anointing, and I believe it was the third time for each of us individually.  We praise God for His generosity through this opportunity!

On the way home, with the windows rolled down and the feeling of Spring in the air, Michael suggested that we forgo our at-home dinner plans and instead spontaneously eat at a wings place that caught his eye on the side of the road.

We ate outside in the bright sunshine, marveling that God had truly given us a perfect day.