Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Promise for the Year Ahead

I was hoping that our Pope Francis would declare another special liturgical year, following the Year of Mercy.

I had secretly hoped it would be a Year of Worship, for it seemed a fitting sequel and response to a year where God's mercy had been poured out so abundantly.

But, as we just began Advent two weeks ago, Pope Francis declared no special year at all.  I found myself surprised, disappointed, and a wee bit empty.

So I took a long hard look at myself, noticing that I repeatedly fall into the temptation to complain.  I will complain about several things every day, and giving voice to them only sullies my reality.  Indeed, to complain is to drink poison.  It only makes matters worse.  And while I can't control everything, I certainly can control my responses.

With your ardent prayers, dear reader, I hope to make this new year a Year of No Complaining.  Immediately with it should come a year of pure gratitude which will mean a year of true contentment.  And to be content is to feel peace!

Sure, I may still need to vent occasionally because I am human.  But I know that my words can find a way to vent without complaint.  I will choose to speak in a way that is redemptive.  And if you catch me falling and complaining, please remind me and lift me up!

May this reality begin right now.  :)