Thursday, December 08, 2016

Meeting My Godson Jack

I am so honored to have been asked by Steve and Britta Prinzivalli to be the Godmother to their third son, John "Jack" Brent Prinzivalli.  I met him for the first time recently, and I am in love!

Even though we technically just met, I feel like I have known him long before this because I met him so often in my prayers.  Britta's pregnancy with Jack seemed like the longest pregnancy ever to me because I was so eager for his birth!

From the moment I learned of his tiny existence, I have been ready to hold him!  My prayer is that I can be in my Godson's life often and frequently, watching him grow and thrive in the love of his family and in the love of the Lord!

Thank you, Britta and Steve, for giving me this incredible honor.  And it excites me, Britta, that this new and beautiful facet of our friendship just makes the path ahead all the more lifelong and beautiful!!

I can't wait till the big day gets here in February!  :)