Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Packed Lunches and Good News

Today we all ate lunch at our local Ford dealership. 

We could have eaten at home, but Liam was much too excited for the little plastic table, toys, and books that reside in the corner of the waiting room.

So, after preschool pick-up and the unload into the house, I started feverishly packing four lunches.  Michael had the day off from work, and we had spent the morning choosing a new front door, storm door, and interior doors at the Home Depot.  We were hungry.

We spent a good hour there in the waiting room, chomping down and having fun, with the kids' antics entertaining the other customers slightly more than the flat-screen television and free snacks.

But upon hearing the good news that our oil change was complete, my day was made by some other news entirely.

"Do you guys own the black 2008 Ford Escape?" a mechanic asked from afar.  Michael was paying at the front desk, and I was helping the kids get their coats on.

After hearing our yes, the man said with a warm smile, "Well, I can tell that you are very attentive parents."

"What is it about our car that gave you that impression?" I said, laughing at the curious origin of this compliment.

"First off, your car seats are perfectly installed," he began.  "Most people do not have their children's car seats properly installed, and since I'm not permitted to tighten or fix them, I usually have to leave a little note."  Then he continued.

"And secondly, I liked the little note you had on the dash with questions that you ask your son about his school day."

Oh my goodness.  He had me figured out!

I must have turned beet red, but I was incredibly flattered and so thankful that this man took the time to be kind.

"You must get little insights into the owners of each vehicle you work on," I said.  But then I apologized with, "Please excuse the messiness of our car!"

He countered, "I don't see any mess.  I see you emotionally connecting with your children."

We both smiled and thanked him for his kindness.

God bless this man for making my day!

It makes me realize that one can never know how far a compliment can go in lifting someone up.  We should all strive to give out sincere and detailed compliments to one another more often!  Lord, please help me do this.