Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vera Likes Football!

Our purse-carrying, pink-wearing, babydoll-loving daughter is more than just a girl enjoying frilly, girly things.  Check out this email below which I sent to my mother and aunt today.  So cute!


Mom and Tess,
Just a few things to share with you!

It's so beautiful and interesting our God makes each child so unique!  I still marvel at how Vera and Liam each approach water so differently.  Liam can't stand water anywhere near his face (like his mommy and grandmother!) and Vera can't get enough of water in her face and thinks it's hilarious!

I wanted to share with you that Vera and her Daddy have a new thing they bond over now!
Vera LOVES football.  Can you believe it?!  She LOVES watching it with Daddy.  She literally REQUESTS it, saying the word, "Football!" in this sweet baby way.
Most of the time she requests it when he's here, holding up her arms to be scooped up so that she can sit on his lap and watch football with him on his phone.
But more recently, she's even starting to ask for football when Daddy's not here.  Today, in fact, I brought up a clip on YouTube of some football games and she was thrilled.
Liam, on the other hand, has never enjoyed watching football...and neither have I!
I can see it now...Michael and Vera will be sporting their football jerseys and talking to the television when important games are on...and Liam and I will be in another room, snacking on chips or something!