Monday, June 16, 2008

Bright as Yellow

Sometimes you just get an epiphany that you're enjoying life correctly. It happened to me just two days ago. I was painting my bookcase "Sun Shower" yellow (while appropriately listening to "Bright as Yellow" by the Innocence Mission), and--for that time--I was completely happy, completely satisfied, and so thankful for this life. I also realized that there is absolutely no color quite as fantastic for lifting the spirits as Yellow. I was almost tempted to let my brush wander off the bookcase and just cover this whole place with that gorgeous hue. And while I did end up painting a few extra things yellow that I didn't expect would want to be, mostly I just listened to endless Innocence albums and kept being thankful.

Last night I dreamed that I ran into one of my dearest girlfriends on her wedding day. I was just blissfully strolling down the street when she spotted me and leaped off the red firetruck that was escorting her and her new husband from the church to the reception. I wasn't invited because time, distance, and circumstance had separated us, but I was so thrilled for her, and we both had this understanding that our friendship would continue someday in Heaven. It was such a precious moment.