Monday, June 16, 2008

Days 1 - 5: Just Getting Started ;-)

Yay! It's a new summertime! I have 79 days of freedom ahead of me, and I'm thrilled to already be in the midst of several new art projects. :-)

Heartbreak inspires my creativity, and while it isn't that I recently got out of a relationship or anything, I have decided to freshen up my love life, not with the addition or removal of a boy, but with a little bit of old-fashioned happiness, the kind that can come from simple things, like potted flowers placed on a window sill. So I have sweetened my love life not with the prospects of a new relationship or the rekindling of an old one, but instead with the reawakening of what it means to simply LOVE LIFE, just as it is, right here and now.

God has given me this Summer of 2008, and I embrace it. Hopefully, I will receive each day with more gratitude than I ever appreciated a summer day in the past.

But before I go on, let me tell you my goal this summer: I plan to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I hope to archive this entire summer, from beginning to end.

For two years, I used to blog almost daily at another site (earning 11,449 hits), but during that time I was pretentious (the huge number of hits contributed to that) and wanted to only write when I thought I had something witty to say to an audience that was eagerly awaiting my muses. But now I just don't care to be that thought-provoking. I want to write for the sheer enjoyment and thanksgiving of it all, not to impress anybody.

So here we my first summer journal entry!

True, my excitement for sleeping in and having fun initially caused me to miss archiving the first 5 days. So I shall summarize them thusly:

Day 1: I savored my freedom by sleeping in! Then, that night, I hung out with Abby (the new girl who lives in the apartment below mine) and one of our accomplishments that night was covering all of IKEA in just 20 minutes. ;-) She turned out to be an awesome girl who used to rave, and I can tell we are going to have a lot in common.

Day 2: Lija and I spent the morning visiting Mr. Hoover, our now favorite Amish craftsman who took Lija's request for a window box coffee table like I have. We then spent the afternoon among the pretty flowers at the Flower & Craft Warehouse, which is sure to make any girl happy! That night, my new spiritual director, Father Bola (an African priest from Nigeria who is known to others as Father Paul) and I met up with Vivi, Brian, and Andy for a Bible study which turned out to be non-existent. But we made the most of it by sharing our faith over a late-night dinner at the Linden Diner. :-)

Day 3: Out to breakfast with Amanda...made a cake in the afternoon with Mom for Father's Day...spent the evening putting primer on a few pieces of furniture.

Day 4: Spent the morning with Lija and Matt at Mr. Hoover's, picking up Lija's table and another one for Rin. Made some great finds at a few second-hand shops. Fell in love with the colors "Sun Shower" yellow and "Sweet Rhapsody" aqua blue at the Home Depot...came home and spent the rest of the day painting a bookcase, a chair, the list goes on...

And so today, Day 5: Mass with parents...fantastic celebration of Father's Day...spent afternoon outside spray-painting red a network of pretty wooden frames...came home and painted a 5-foot tall lamp that pretty shade of aqua...