Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love the summertime. It's why I was able to spend yesterday morning with my mother, grandmother, and aunt. We went out to breakfast, and then--when I suggested the Flower & Craft Warehouse--everyone wanted to go! From there, we went to a cute little second hand shop where I made out like a bandit. The best find of all was this adorable antique white birdcage that hangs from a large metal hoop that is on a tall stand. It is sooooo cute! Now I must decide if I want it to have an occupant, and--if so--what kind of singing friend I want as a roommate.

A good roommate is not easy to come by, as you know. They require careful selection. A good roomie should be similar enough to get along with, different enough to have another group of friends, independent enough to not invade your space, and pleasant enough to interact with often.

Jalinn definitely fit the bill when we were college roommates for 3 years. She was and is such a blessing to my life. And today I went to her baby shower, and it was delightful to see her so pregnant and full of anticipation. The entire living room was filled with gifts, and I had no idea that babies required so many supplies! I was so happy for her and knew she would make an excellent mother.

I had to leave before it was over (because I had overbooked myself with 4 social events in one day), and from there I went to confession at the cathedral because I was long overdue. But, coming out of the cathedral and seeing a beautiful wedding ceremony just ending in the church just down the street, it all caught up with me and I burst into tears.

Perhaps it was the emotion of the sacrament...or the embarrassing jealousy I felt seeing Jalinn live out the American dream (great guy, home ownership, baby on the way)...or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't eaten in several hours and was very, very hungry...and the restaurant I had intended to go to was closed...or the fact that I had bumped my head on my car door TWICE...or the fact that I had 30 minutes to wait before seeing my next friend...but I was indeed quite pathetically SAD. So I just went with it and let the tears stream down my face.

I called a close friend of mine and whined for a solid 20 minutes...and canceled my plans to tag along to an outdoor picnic, figuring I should not let my gloomy dark clouds rain on anybody else's parade. Then I drove and met up with precisely the perfect person who would turn my frown upside down. And while Rin also just grew up and bought a house, she understood a lot of my feelings...and knew that a bag of colorful drug company pens (many with rubber finger grippers!) would start to change my melancholy mood.

We went to Cafe Fresco, and 1 chicken sandwich and 3 hours of chatting and laughing later, I was recalibrated. Thank God for good friends who remind you that everything happens in God's good timing. I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot.