Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Analogies are to the SAT as comparisons are to my mind (yes, the former is in the latter)

Organizing things alphabetically is SO BORING. My friend Fred said he loves it -- so much, in fact, that he volunteered to help alphabetize his friend's entire basement full of comic books recently. But I, for one, cannot stand to organize in such an arbitrary method. I need to see things grouped into meaningful categories.

Maybe that's why tonight at the baseball game my face lit up--not when the Barnstormers scored a point--but when Nate said we ought to play an old-fashioned game of analogies (which, I might add, I was awfully good at).

Meaningful categories (made while surveying the relationship between things) is the same principle that is the backbone of the new organization method my parents are allowing me to apply to our basement network of boxes. Yes, 32 years of memories are being neatly tucked into waterproof boxes, categorized first by the room in which the objects would go to if brought upstairs, and then second by a theme which thus earns the box a number to be worn on all of its sides, often with a decimal that goes as far as the tenths place. It's the Dewey Decimal System gone Gorman style!

Grouping by meaningful categories sometimes reveals truths that you wouldn't otherwise see. For example, my family and I discovered that we have more boxes of Halloween costumes than we have Christmas ornaments. Who woulda thunk it?!

On Sunday when Fr. Paul, Kelly, Sean, and I went to an outdoor jazz concert in the park, Father and I poured over a hardcopy of the book he is writing; and, from my brief readings that night, I remembered that a Journey with Purpose is one where you frequently reflect upon and make sense of things by assimilating life experiences into meaningful categories.

Gosh, I am really in the mood for a solid game of Apples to Apples. Anybody wanna play?