Monday, June 23, 2008

Playing Host

For a girl who LOVES to socialize and who has LOVED redecorating her apartment, you would think she would have more experience in playing host. But I don't. I only have 3 recipe cards in my box. I own only 2 DVDs. And I have zero video games, unless I run home to my parents' house and bring back Duck Hunt.

The trouble is... My friends Mike and Greg are coming over tomorrow night, and I have aboslutely NO IDEA what I'm going to do with them. Aside from the usual tour of the place, the offering of beverages, and a few minutes catching up on the couch, what will be our entertainment? What shall be the focal point of our night? In what sort of activities should we engage?

As you help me brainstorm, dear reader, bear these restrictions in mind:

1. I only have 2 tea cup and saucer sets, so one of us would have to go without.

2. I have 3 chairs that could be set around the table, but one is already occupied by flowers. (I'll explain with a pic in my next posting.)

3. I have only 1 game, this being "Guess Who" (you know, the little game from the '80s where you try to guess your opponent's mystery person by describing their appearance and flipping down the little cards of those you eliminate) -- but that game is decidedly two-player.

4. I do thankfully have 3 fun lanterns, so if we wait until dark, each one of us could carry a funky light source to the table outside on the back porch. (But of course this doesn't solve the problem of what we will do for the several hours BEFORE it is dark.)

5. In desperation, we could just watch TV...but I only get 3 channels. To make matters worse, I can't find my remote, thus cementing our fate with FOX 43 and preventing us from ever having the chance to watch either of my 2 DVDs (The Passion of the Christ & Save the Last Dance). *sigh*

At this point, the best idea I can come up with would involve us doing a little "urban exploration" in my backyard. You see, just behind my apartment is an eerie, unoccupied brick home with a strip of vacant motel rooms behind it. Curtains from the 1950s still hang in the windows, but the place really is abandoned and in ruins. Although this would involve a teensy-weensy bit of illegal trespassing, the venture could be justified in helping me to appreciate and love thy neighbors (or lack thereof) even more. And we could each explore in style by carrying those fun lanterns!

It's a good thing both Mike and Greg are stellar, flexible guys who will no doubt bring with them their good humor.

I'm open to any and all suggestions, though. Please give me some better ideas!!!