Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They Hatched!!!

God has certainly made this world quite beautiful.

I have been waking up lately to the sounds of a mother bird bringing fresh tasty worms back to her little children. The babies are as good as gold and as quiet as a mouse when their mother is gone; but, as soon as she arrives, they chirp wildly with eager excitement, knowing that they are safe in her presence. But the moment she is gone, they are hushed again. So cute!

I cannot see them, sadly, but their nest is definitely above my bed, directly above my head, even. I hear the mother's footsteps when she lands and walks around like she's right here in the bedroom with me! I'm sure her nest must be in a neat little alcove between the roof and the siding or something.

What surprised me the most is that the feeding times are so frequent and recurring. I do believe that mother spends her entire day feeding those children. And she is not gone for but a few moments before she is back with more worms and tasty little bugs. She works all day long, and her chicks just keep eating, eating, and growing! Her dedication is adorable and commendable.

It makes me thankful to God for my own mother. As I grow older, I realize that my dependence on her never stops; it just takes on different forms. Back in April one evening, when I was simultaneously doing my taxes and filling out new health care insurance paperwork, I was so lost and confused that only my mother could set me straight -- and she most certainly did. Once again, as in every situation, she had knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share -- all given with the love and attention to detail that only a mother can deliver.

Isn't it funny how even though I'm an adult woman I still cry out for my mother like a baby chick? It is a privilege to still be able to do that, and I am so thankful that she's still here to fly in and take care of me!