Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Night of Indecisive Fun

Indecisiveness is a fickle little trait, isn't it? It pops up when you least expect it, and sometimes sticks around -- like it did today.

I should have known that my indecision (which began earlier this week about whether or not I really wanted to go to the human body exhibit in Harrisburg today) would continue in another form even after I decided to pass on it.

Tonight I went to see the Lititz Fireworks with my friend Jesse and his friend John. Jesse spent about 2 solid minutes wondering if we should share a funnel cake or not; and, what we didn't realize then, was that it was the beginning of a night full of indecisiveness.

We had much trouble deciding where to place down our blanket on the lawn. As soon as we thought we were golden, John pointed out something better -- and this sequence kept us moving around the lawn like leap frogs. When we finally settled onto our spot, what about the placement of the bodies on the blanket? Was I to sit in the middle or on one of the sides?

Once that was figured, we couldn't decide if we should sit in my envelope chairs or not. We watched the first 10 minutes seated, the second 10 minutes laying, and the third 10 minutes in other random mixes of postures, which were all somewhat uncomfortable, being that we were on somewhat lumpy ground.

When the fireworks ended, Jesse asked if we wanted to make a run for it and beat the crowds or hang around until everyone's gone. Our indecision, however, made the decision for us.

On the walk out of the park, we questioned if we should all head to my car and then carpool to Jesse's -- or if the scenario should go vice-versa. We decided but then had enough time to change our minds two more times before we finally wound up at my car.

We had about 30 minutes to wait for all the cars to clear out, so we sat on a ledge and rolled around ideas for what we should do with the rest of the evening. We tossed around every idea possible -- and shot them all down just as quickly.

Finally, the only thing we could decide upon is that we should at least meet up with our equally-undecided friend Jose in a parking lot that was equidistant from all of our homes. Once that parking lot was successfully chosen and driven to, Jose joined our group -- but the 4 of us just sat idly, wondering to do next. It was comical, really, but endeared them to me.

The only thing we collectively knew for certain was that John most definitely had to pee. If it weren't for him, we would have surely sat there in the lot for many more hours. But his determination took us straight to Eat-n-Park, where I deftly distracted the hostess, pretending to check out the menu while the guys snuck in to use the facilities without patronizing the place.

Walking back to our car, I suggested we at least start it and see where it takes us. So, a few random turns later, we wound up at a cute little open-air bar. From there, the decisiveness began -- finally! Drinks were ordered without hesitation (although I passed); Jesse and I knew to grab a table on the upper balcony; Jose knew which girl to start talking to, and John knew when it was time to leave.

In the end, we had achieved a fun, chill night out on the town -- and decided (well, at least we're pretty sure) that we should do it again soon. :-)