Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank you, Lord, for my excess.

I know that everything I have comes from God. My gratitude is forever with Him. But sometimes, in my human nature, I wonder if thanking Him for a recent indulgent purchase is appropriate.

I know that God asks us to be good stewards with our money. So, when I am not a good steward, should I still thank Him? Of course. But what precisely do I say? "Thank you so much for this thing that I know I shouldn't have bought?" It seems kind of weird to say.

Then I realized that what my heart was really searching for was to thank Him for my excess. We often remember to thank God for providing the basics for us, but what we sometimes forget is to thank God for all that extra stuff He gives us that we don't necessarily need.

What we do with our excess is an important responsibility, for which I believe we will be held accountable. Will I give my excess to church, a worthy cause, or a friend (or stranger) in need? Will I save it in the bank or turn it into an object that's not needed?

I am still learning how to be a good steward with my money. Embarrassingly, I would say I've barely taken the first baby step, and I know that is sad to say for a women who is almost 30. But, God help me, perhaps one day I will actually BE a good steward; and, for now, the best way for me to aim myself in that direction is to talk (or in this case, write) about it.

So now, when I look around me and appreciate all the material comforts that He has bestowed upon me (whether that now be in the form of items bought, donations given, or savings kept), I will no longer question how to thank God but will instead thank Him for my excess. And then I shall ask myself if I really used that gift of excess in the most appropriate, most beneficial way (to myself, to others, and to His glory). Because, I must remember, while God will always provide for us (giving us just what we need, even when we think we need more) He will not always bestow excess. And so, when we are the recipients of anything excessive, it must come with a huge responsibility of stewardship.

*sigh* Wow, this journey is a lot more complex than one would think.