Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Big, Fat Biff-Monsta!

Here's a picture of Biff doing what he does best -- EATING!

The girl that lives in the apartment below mine is away on vacation for 6 days, and I've agreed to care for her cat Biff while she's gone.

He's a BIG, adorable thing!

He purrs loudly when I visit and continually insists that I scratch his butt.

Abby warned me of this, explaining that his sheer size and girth prevents him from scratching anything past the 6th stripe on his furry orange body.

Just for fun, last night I decided to take my bathroom scale downstairs. The burning question inside of me asked, "Just how much does this big beefy porker weigh?"

Biff curiously sniffed and then got on the scale, and I watched carefully as one paw pushed the dial past 5 pounds....

A second paw pushed it past 10 (exceeding the 6 pounds that my precious white cat Cotton weighs)...

A third paw swelled the dial to 15 pounds...

And when his fourth and final paw made it on the platform, the dial stopped at exactly 20 pounds! Amazing! But his pudgy size makes him extra cute to me!

It's been fun pretending to have Biff as my pet...and pretending that I live in a 2-story townhouse! :-)