Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brooke's Visit

On Friday afternoon, my colleague-turned-friend Brooke came over.

She went CRAZY when she saw my apartment and its decor. She went from room to room and back again, just taking it all in, asking tons of questions about all the different things that caught her eye. From her commentary, I knew our design tastes were totally different, but I knew she really LIKED what she saw. (At least, that was my hope!)

She did well with the doves, but every time they flew, she'd drop to the floor and take cover! It was so funny and cracked me up! The birds were very sweet and liked her very much, and by the end of the experience, I knew she could say the same about them.

Then we walked around the Green Dragon Farmer's Market so that she could buy a $127 trash can and I could buy a $1 bandana. :-)