Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Confusing the Molting Techniques of Hermit Crabs & Doves

Eww....I had a gross dream about molting last night!

I dreamt that I went into my bathroom and noticed a random dove LEG laying on one of the shelves. Argh!

At first I panicked, thinking that either Pure or Innocent had lost a leg. But then I realized the leg and foot were HALLOW!

So from that I concluded that doves must have legs that molt in the same fashion as my pet hermit crab (Fragile Flossie) would molt, by shedding their skin. Then I thought, "Gross! So twice a year, when the doves molt and lose feathers, I must also be on the lookout for 4 hallow legs to show up somewhere in the cage or my apartment! Yuck!"

Hahaha. What a dream. Good thing it wasn't real!