Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dove Talons

The doves have certainly grown accustomed to "flying" in the cage by gripping onto the perches tightly with their feet and then flapping their wings quickly! They do it to keep their wings exercised, I suppose, but they know to hold on tight so that they do not fly away and thus crash into things. They still do breakdances at the bottom of the cage and sometimes helicopter upwards. And they will also fly briefly from perch to perch. It is so cute!

In fact, they are so used to "flying in place" that sometimes--when they are sitting on my shower curtain rail--they will also beat their wings rapidly and try to keep holding on with their feet. It is cute to watch. Sometimes the wings cause their feet to lose their gripping, and I watch as the birds struggle to hold on. It is almost like a little game that they will both play!

So cute! Above is a picture of Innocent, hanging out on the shelf in the bathroom while I brushed my teeth.