Friday, August 22, 2008

Even Animals Know God When They See Him

Tonight before bed, I took the doves into a new room of my apartment: my bedroom. Specifically, I wanted them to see the large crucifix I have hanging on the wall.

Their little eyes widened at the prospects of there being more to my apartment than what they've seen, but as we came close to the crucifix, a gentle knowing reverence came to their demeanor. Both birds actually leaned in to study Jesus on the cross, looking at him carefully from head to toe.

As explained Jesus to them, I of course had to explain that he died for us humans who needed a Redeemer to go before us and save us from death (which is a natural consequence of sin). The birds, in their simplicity, seemed confused by the foreign concept of sin but appeared to be quite understanding of who our God is and that to see Him crucified is indeed a heart-wrenching thing.

Do I know for certain that this was their understanding? I suppose not. Maybe I saw what I wanted to see. But I did see their expressions change, and I do believe that animals have an innate reverence toward God who is their Creator just as much as He is ours.

The photo above is of Pure. The photo at right is of Innocent, just as he was flying off my hand. I love how the picture captured the quick movement of his wings. It even looks like rays of light are streaming down. Truly, Holy Spirit cometh!

The doves are back in their cage now, but they are both just standing still and silent at the bottom, as if in contemplation of what they just saw. They are so incredibly dear and sweet, and I think I am learning more from them than they are from me.