Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hot Black Dress Party

Tonight's "Hot Black Dress Party" was so much fun!! I had forgotten just how much fun it is to DRESS UP occasionally!

Do you notice, in the picture at left, how I tried to recreate the stock image photo I posted yesterday? (Tee-hee.)

True to myself, I was an hour and a half late, but I met up with the girls as they were sipping martinis and appreciating how the red-and-black decor of the 1920s-themed place we were in went quite well with our attire.

I soon learned that this was the premiere event of a new social club, the brainchild of a blonde girl named Stacie, who said that we "fabulous and single girls" would be having special outings once a month, and that only those invited by the original 9 could become part of our exclusive group. She went on to explain that if anyone brought a guest that wasn't liked by the entire clan, that person was OUT. Whoa -- cold and icy!

The month of September would be for salsa dancing, she said, and she already had plans for how we we will coordinate our Halloween attire in the month of October. A sushi dinner party was scheduled for November. And the next time we go out dancing, RED will be the color of our dresses. Gosh, I think she had the whole year planned out for us!

It was all about going out and being seen, she explained. And, as I caught on, tonight we were to put into practice the pretension of us all being close friends, even though--for the most part--we had all just met.

We traveled around to various spots in the city, being gracious to those who asked if we had just come from the theater. A few special keys dangling from pink ribbons were passed out to boys we liked, and before we knew it -- it was time to hug good-bye, take off our heels, and walk barefoot to our cars.

I'm glad I got to do this, but I wish I would have met these girls earlier in the summer!

FOOTNOTE: Eww, my friend Greg just informed me that in the 1970s, swingers used to have "key parties" where keys would be thrown into a bowl to be selected at random to thus determine who went home with whom at the end of the night. Gross! I assure you that the purpose of our keys was nothing like that. It was much more tasteful and sweet and did not have the same intention. Pictured above, for example, could possibly be the key to my heart...but even I am not sure if it is that or just a key to a random closet. Who knows!