Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Little Distractions

It has become a routine that whenever I have anything to do in the bathroom that might take an extended period of time, I invite the doves to join me.

So today I was getting ready for a shower, and I figured I'd comb my hair first. But just as I put the brush to my scalp, Innocent flew across the room and landed on my head!! How hilarious! I was thrilled that he flew to me, but it sure made brushing my hair difficult. So I decided to brush my teeth instead, and then--since he was still liking his view and didn't seem to want to leave--I decided to wash my face. Just as I was stepping into the shower, he finally figured he'd better relocate, so he flew again and this time perched himself beside Pure on the shower curtain rod. So cute!

Tonight I was the lucky guest invited to partake in Shawn and Matt's delectable meal of turkey-and-rice stuffed peppers. It was extraordinary!! Those guys are amazingly talented in the kitchen, and I don't think they fully realized it until today!

From there, Shawn and I went to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a church in downtown Lancaster named precisely after that Feast. How appropriate! On the way out, I told Father Leo (who is also a magician and owns several doves) how much I love my new birdies!

And, right there after, I had the joy of meeting Karen Peris, my FAVORITE female vocalist! Yes, she just happened to be coming out of the church at the same time we were. Amazing! I'm so thankful that I recognized her right away, and I went running over to tell her how much I love her music. She sings with the Innocence Mission (a nationally recognized band), and that has been virtually the only music I've been listening to these last several months since I was introduced to them by a friend. I must have sounded like a bumbling fool with my words, but then I wonder, can a person really convey to a musician how influential she is in shaping one's mindset, perspective, attitude, choice of action, and view of life in general? We said good-bye after a short bit, but I knew she was walking away without knowing the POSITIVE IMPACT she had truly had upon my life. Does she realize that her voice, lyrics, and whole song compositions have literally redecorated my whole apartment and restructured my whole brain? Although an understatement, I shall thank you, Karen Peris, for a refreshingly new perspective on my life.

After this, Shawn and I were supposed to go to an outdoor coffee house and open mic setup in the courtyard of Lancaster County Bible Church, but instead both of us got distracted by the fun happenings on Queen Street. We spontaneously pulled over, irresponsibly parked haphazardly, and had at it at a few vintage shops while listening to a cool rock band as they attracted a crowd on the sidewalk.

This is what I love about Lancaster. The downtown streets buzz on a Friday night with unique stores that stay open late and street entertainment that seems to pops up organically. Shawn was on a quest to find four inexpensive matching chairs for his new dining room table, and that's just what he found. In our search, we encountered several antique fireplace mantels that ranged in price from $350 to $650, and--although they were of the same distressed quality--none of them were nearly as enchanting as the robin's egg blue one I picked up last weekend for $50. Hooray! Thank you again, Andy! *huge hug*