Saturday, August 16, 2008

So Thursday night's first official Bridesmaid Meeting was a very nice one! Lija has 7 awesome girls chosen, and we are in the process of planning the coolest shower and bachelorette party EVER! It is going to make the next several months quite exciting for all of us. I love secrets and surprises! And there's going to be plenty of them for our little Lija!! Tee-hee!

After the meeting, I drove out to Harrisburg to meet up with my friends Jon, Carolyn, Andy, and John at this place called the G-Man which is known for its DJs that spin techno. We had plenty of glow sticks in the house, all supplied by Jon, of course. And even when a pair of girls tried to leave with a few of them, he went dashing across the street to claim what was rightfully his.

I thought that there was nothing that could distract me from dancing, but I realized there is one thing that can indeed do it. When someone puts out a random tub of free ice pops, my feet just HAVE to stop moving as I savor its icy goodness. I opted for blue, of course. :-)

A pleasant surprise was when the DJ switched it up to some old skool hip-hop. Carolyn and I have this little thing we like to do on the dance floor that makes it look like we're fighting with one another by dancing. It is so much fun! We get really angry and all up into each other's faces, and we dance around each other like fighting roosters at a cock fight. We manage to clear the floor for a bit while our little skit takes over, and we last only until one of us starts busting up laughing. So much fun!

It's a good thing I wore earplugs. Otherwise my ears would be ringing even more than they are now!