Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "Hot Black Dress Party" happens tomorrow night!

My friend Dana is coordinating a wonderful event (to commence tomorrow night) which she dubbed the "Hot Black Dress Party." She's been planning it all summer, and it is finally here! I'm so excited! The rules of the affair are the following:

1. No boys are invited.

2. The event will only take place once a LARGE number of girls have been properly rounded up. (No, this isn't a dinky affair for you and a best friend!)

3. All dresses must be black & fancy.

4. All heels must be black.

5. All handbags/clutches must be black.

Where our entourage goes tomorrow night is a secret, but we will most definitely be going OUT. And I believe we will be having multiple destinations at various times throughout the evening, so look for us to possibly turn up at a hot spot near you! :-)