Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Terrific Tea Party with Theresa!

Last night's tea party with Theresa was so much fun!

She brought over her finest teacups for us to use! But I giggle now to think about how we sipped our tea out of china teacups and saucers -- yet ate our food on cheap PAPER plates! Hahaha. But at least they were a pretty blue color. :-)

We savored quaint finger sandwiches, nibbled fruit skewers (on little toothpicks!), and sipped Russian apricot tea. I introduced Theresa to my favorite cheese, Jarlsberg. Oh, and the crackers and cookies were imported from Moscow! (Thank you, International Delicatessen!)

It was way more fun than I even expected to have and certainly surpassed the kind of tea parties I used to have as a little girl! Theresa was just bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement the whole time, and it was certainly contagious. And she fussed over Pure & Innocent, which couldn't have made me happier! It was so nice!