Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Letter from a Friend Who'd Know!

I had my friend Sharon, who is a professional interior designer, over the other day. The next day she sent me this fabulous email, describing her view of my apartment from the "interior design" perspective. I was so excited with the description that I just had to share it with you!!

Here's her letter below:


I really enjoyed your place! It is refreshing & interesting what you have done with an apartment without painting the walls, carpets, etc. Your decor is totally what they would call Vintage Parisian or early 20th century French, although the closest technical style book term would be Art Nouveau.

This was the style in the early 1900's in Paris which describes when fine art and [interior] decoration came together. It was full of elaborate patterns--including flowers & feathers on wall-covering, textiles, glass, and furniture. Colors were mustard, lilac, gold, salmon, and robin's egg blue (like your fireplace). Art Nouveau was the first truly Modern Design style; Art Deco followed after it (as things became more Industrial).
There is even a term for your 'collecto' look: Parisian Flea Market. Because of the inspiring collection of funky, quirky, unique hard finds, this term would truly reflect your individual flavor. It all stems from French design--but a more flavorful collection reflects the things you might find at an open flea market on the streets of Paris. I even think your silk flowers and foam fake food fit into this category!

Thanks for inviting me in! It was great to see your place and meet Pure & Innocent!!!! (Even their cage fits with the origin!)