Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Savoring the Weekday Fun While I Still Can!

School is fast approaching, and we teachers are going into panic mode. On one hand, we know we should be in our classrooms getting everything set up and ready to go. On the other hand, we want to make the most of the remaining August days we have to have a little fun. ;-)

So last night I went out for Tuesday Night Trivia with my colleagues Brooke, Erik, Deb, and Chris. We ate our meals out on the deck under the stars, and our team (Sweatin' Bullets) thankfully came in 5th place out of about a dozen teams. It really was a great time.

At 10 PM when the fun was over, I immediately started to figure out an alternate route home so that I would encounter many road obstacles that would distract me from my destination with the promise of continued fun. :-)

The first stop was the Brickyard where I met up with Kate and Shawn. After watching a few entertaining rounds of a Guitar Hero / Rock Band competition and noticing that the once-packed place was starting to clear out, we decided to move on to Annie Bailey's where we ran into all the same people again. Our last stop was the open-air Marion Court, where we (completely sober) joined a gaggle of happy, barefoot drunkards as they danced to the music and made the most of this one girl's birthday party. It was a very fun conclusion to the night. I love when the opportunity to dance freely springs up organically like that. :-)

Tonight I was supposed to meet up with a handful of friends from last summer's graduate class at the Village, but I'm opting to be responsible and stay home this evening as I attempt to put the finishing touches on a presentation I am giving tomorrow to teachers at the Lancaster-Lebanon Math Conference. Yikes. Pray for me!

Tomorrow night is going to be packed. I have a 7 PM Bridesmaid meeting (as we 7 girls attempt to plan for Lija the most exciting shower and bachelorette party EVER!), and after that I am jetting out to Harrisburg to dance to techno with some friends at the G-Man. Yay!

Purple Door is this Saturday. Does anyone want to go with me?