Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pros & Cons of the Last Few Days

On the little roller coaster of life, there are ups and downs, valleys and mountains, pros and cons. Here now I shall attempt to summarize my road trip and the events following it in a fun list of pros and cons.

+ Allowing you to run 30 minutes late could be your guardian angel's way of helping you to avoid a major accident on the Interstate.

+ Emmitsburg, MD is still a little slice of peaceful Heaven on Earth. Gathering there for the Peace Pilgrimage is a great way to start your day!

- While it may be true that there's no sense in crying over spilled milk, it sure is inconvenient when your cooler and all of its contents are unexpectedly laden with lactose. Imagine trying to hand-wash clean each individual grape (having already been removed form the branches) in the sink of a busy restroom. It's not fun.

+ Road tripping with friends is always fun. :-)

+ Dancing with Shannon is always a good time.

- Staying up until 4:30 AM sitting out on her penthouse porch will leave you exhausted the next day. It also makes you more prone to having your picture taken while sleeping and not knowing it. Argh!

- At any random time, any random person could walk into your apartment and steal your iPod. If he's friendly, he may even strike up a nice conversation with you before leaving with his stolen goods.

+ Finally being reunited with the blue fireplace mantle of your dreams is truly sweet, sugary glucose.

- Getting stuck in your vehicle for 20 minutes waiting for a very long train to cross the road just...stinks.

+ Enjoying the sound of the ocean waves crashing is...beautiful.

- Locking your keys in the car is...not.

- Locking also your back-up key copy in the car is double the non-beauty.

+ Trusting always in Jesus is worth it.

+ Having a AAA membership (and thus professional assistance when breaking into your car) is CRITICAL.

- Getting home at 2 AM and then being locked out of your apartment is not savory, especially when you have a wedding to attend the next day and no clean clothes wear.

+ But having a friend with an extra long couch, a washer/dryer, iron/board, and a guy's necktie thrown into her wardrobe can provide for the necessary ingredients to make an effective recovery.

+ Quickly setting up a fireplace mantle on the same day that you're expecting new guests is a special type of thrill.

+Taking funny pictures and videos with the guests and your doves is a special treat!

- Then promptly losing those and every photograph you've taken since 2005 (due to a sudden iPhoto corruption) is DEVASTATING.

+ Remembering that God can give and take away ANY of this stuff as He pleases...priceless.