Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tales of a Red Bandana

[Please remember that those funky Western handkerchiefs can be spelled "bandana" or "bandanna." Both are perfectly fine, according to our friend Ms. Meriam Webster. Therefore, if I bounce back and forth between spellings in this blog, please enjoy the rhythm.]


8:00 - Alarm goes off. Of course, I opt to snooze. The red bandanna hasn't crossed my mind at all just yet.
8:20 - I finally get up and begin my day by...cuddling my turtledoves! I notice the red bandanna hanging on a hook. I feel indifferent about it at the moment.
8:29 - Jump in shower...with the doves who sit on the shower curtain rail. ;-)
8:45 - Shawn's here. Doves are back in their cage. The red bandanna is still on its hook.
9:00 - Daily Mass.
9:23 - Reception of the Most Holy Eucharist & Blood of Christ. Fuel for the journey!
9:41 - Andy, Shawn, and I scarf down breakfast at the Pancake Farm. I'm considering the red bandanna. The boys order reasonably. I order enough for 2 people and eat ALL of it. Yum.
10:22 - Bought paper and envelopes at Staples. Incredibly exciting. My thoughts were elsewhere, as you might imagine.
10:31 - Gave a damaged pendant to Gehman's Jewelers to repair. I notice I'm really thinking a lot about the red bandanna.
10:37 - Forked over $1,079 for what was intended to just be new tires for my Jetta. Instead, they found many other expensive things to replace on my seemingly-running-JUST-FINE car. Geesh! The red bandanna telepathically reminds me that he only cost $4.
11:14 - Mailed a parcel to my friend Jen. Sending and receiving packages by mail is so much fun! Bought 2 books of stamps and asked specifically for the ones with little hearts on them.
11:23 - Sadly discovered that a cute little shop I love in Lititz was closed. Boo. But thoughts of the red bandanna turn my frown upside down.
11:41 - Entered my classroom for the first time this summer! A new beginning awaits! It's time for new beginnings, the bandanna tells me, again telepatically. Why not try wearing him tonight?


11:42 - 2:36 - Classroom set up! Gosh, I have so much stuff to organize. Thank goodness for Shawn who graciously agreed to help hang posters and things for me. The tasks were boring but the conversation was great. During conversation lulls, my thoughts went straight to the red bandanna.
2:37 - Finally, the red bandanna beckons me home, so off we go.
3:11 - Vacuumed up a ton of feathers and organized the apartment. The red bandanna smiles at me from its hook. He knows what we're doing tonight.
4:28 - Showered with the doves again...and even used Dove soap!
4:50 - While getting dressed, I tie on a red bandanna and plan to wear it around my neck like a bib. Have I gone crazy? The bandanna smiles like he knew about this all along.


5:03 - Justin arrives. I ask and he says doesn't like the red bandanna on me and I almost feel defensive, but he was amazed at the transformation in my apartment decor and loved meeting Pure & Innocent.
5:46 - Chowed down on Naavratan Korma at the Taj Mahal! My favorite! Tried very hard (and succeed!) at not getting any sauce on my bandanna bib. :-)
6:48 - Adopted an adorable white wooden chair for free! I love the $50 gift certificates I get in the mail twice yearly from Wolf Furniture!
7:15 - Searched endlessly around Lancaster County Bible Church for 3 friends that were coming in 2 vehicles, only to discover that both of them had made wrong turns and went elsewhere!
7:47 - Finally all 6 of us are together at Saturate. More friends pop out of the woodwork and wave hello. That is why I love this place! And the bandanna is loving my neck, although I can't quite be sure if onlookers regard him merely as a bib.
8:32 - Then the blessed moment arrives. With empathy (perhaps because he noticed my ever-so-slight insecurity with the new attempt to rock the bandanna), Jon whips out a BRIGHT GREEN BANDANNA from his back pocket and ties it around his neck like a cowboy. Hi-ho! The red bandanna and I are no longer alone!
8:43 - Saturate is over, so it's time to catch up on everybody's summer! God granted the Apostles the Gift of Speaking in Tongues. At times like this, He grants me the Gift of Gab. :-)
9:49 - Jon shows off his tricked out car to everybody in the parking lot. The crazy lights and the ice cream truck jingle it produces gets everybody excited like little children!
10:24 - Finally I'm home and it's time to end my day the way it began...cuddling the doves! And the red bandanna is still wrapped around my neck. :-)