Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Relic of Pope John Paul II!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!

Over a year ago, I wrote to the Vatican and requested a relic of Pope John Paul II. I should have sent a donation, but I did not, simply because I wasn't sure if they'd even understand my request in English. I also sort of figured that my request would go unnoticed because I am just one of billions of people who loved this soon-to-be-realized saint!

Well, I had forgotten that I had even requested it, but JPII is so often on my mind. I was thinking about him this morning, in fact, and then--on the drive home from the grocery store--I decided to stop at my mailbox.

And inside I found a third class relic of John Paul!! Hooray!! It came with authenticity paperwork, signed by--as the Italian would say it--the Postulatore. Amazing!

At right, you will see a precious photo of our upcoming saint, as well as the grandfather of Innocent, my pet dove. His grandfather's name was Veritas, meaning (much like the name Innocent) "not guilty" and "beautifully truthful."

May JPII be realized a saint soon!!! I am sure he is already one in Heaven. :-)