Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pizza, Pink Vespas, & Grandparents' Day

This morning I awoke with my precious doves beside me. Last night, I had put them on my nightstand in a small cage so that they would be the first thing I saw in the morning. What a delightful view to behold upon waking! They kept quiet all through the night and didn't stir until my alarm went off at 9 AM. They are so courteous!

I then scurried off to Lancaster County Bible Church and met my friend Greg for the 11 AM service. Even though I love being Catholic, I simply love being around my Protestant brothers and sisters. I felt so joyous being there again.

From there, 7 of us went out for lunch at Today's Pizza, and sat at one of their outdoor tables so that we could enjoy the glorious weather. Eventually, all the guys started getting antsy to get their bikes on the road to make the most of this sunny day, so we started to part ways. But in the parking lot, we encountered a pink Vespa, so of course I had to get my photo taken beside it! :-)

My mother's text message reminded me that it was Grandparents' Day, so I promptly parted ways with everybody and hit the mall to find my dear grandmother a card and gift. With that accomplished, I drove to visit my grandmother and met my mother there. She appreciated the gift, and although our time together was short, it was very sweet.

I was feeling quite joyous today, so with spontaneity I made about a half-dozen phone calls to people that I knew I should. One of the calls was to my friend Nate who seemed pleasantly surprised and said he was "happy to hear my voice."

Then I went to evening Mass at St. John Neumann, caught up with Father Paul for almost an hour outback on his patio, and then--when I got home--got a call from Nate and we spent some time swapping summer stories. It felt good to catch up.

But it's now that yucky time of night where I have to plan my lessons for the week. Wish me luck!