Tuesday, September 09, 2008

5 Hours of Overtime

Ugh...last night I worked 5 hours of overtime...again.

Well, it's not like I'm paid for it. My salary is the same whether I leave with the students at dismissal or linger long after they've gone.

I do love this job very much, but my goodness, does it TAKE MY TIME. By the time I visited my parents' house for dinner and then made it home, it was a late 9:30 PM.

Friends will inevitably ask me, "What could take so much time? What are you even doing?" But if I tried to tell you everything, it would probably take at least a solid 15 minutes to explain it all, and when my free time is already so limited, why waste another minute bothering?

I don't know how my colleagues do it. They all leave shortly after the students and arrive in the mornings right when the kids get here. They have LIVES outside of school: kids that need to be picked up, husbands that are ready for their dinner, errands to run, and phone calls that need to be placed.

I love this job, but there's no way I can do this forever and maintain any sort of real life outside of it. It's all-consuming. I have no life from September through June. :-( I guess that's why I have to pack all the fun into my summertime.