Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Halloween Costume Wedding!

Tonight was unique fun!

My friends Chris and Bronwyn said their nuptials in front of a costume-clad congregation!

The bride wore white fangs that matched her beautiful white wedding gown. There was even a basket where you could choose your own set of glow-in-the-dark fangs to wear!

I went without a date, but it was good to be around my old friends again.

Jamie (my best friend from high school) and her sassy sister Danielle were both flappers, with Jamie's beau Justin playing the part of a corresponding 1920s male. He looked quite dapper!

Abby and her husband were a pair of emo kids, and I explained to them that no emo outing would be complete without a melancholy photo taken from a high perspective. I volunteered to hold the camera high in the air, and they wore their most somber expressions as I snapped their next default pic for MySpace.

Danielle's husband (a skilled tattoo artist) was a 1950s greaser, and I played the part of a black angel (who got her dark hue merely by helping someone out of an oil spill, not because she was evil or anything).

My big, black feathery wings seemed to inadvertently bump into everything and everyone, so after awhile I took them off and stashed them in a corner.

The wedding went off without a hitch, but a little drama unfolded during the reception, as persons who weren't supposed to meet--did. Oh, it made for an interesting night!

I drove home listening to the Birthday Massacre, realizing that I forgot to thank Chris for introducing me to such an awesome band. Oh, if only they were touring the U.S. right now!

In the meantime, I'm considering going to two concerts this week. My friend Vicki wants to see Germany's Tokio Hotel at the Electric Factory on Wednesday night, and The Ting Tings (from England) are supposed to be at the Chameleon on Thursday.

Time to round up all my ear plugs! :-)