Saturday, October 04, 2008

What to Wear, What to Wear

Tonight I am attending a benefit concert for the organization known as Music for Everyone. It's $100 a pop, but thankfully my friend Nate worked our names onto the guest list. Score! Actually, it's listed as a "private party" on Lipbone Redding's tour schedule. He's apparently going to be the entertainment for the evening. And apparently we're all going to be hanging out in this huge field, with camping (and maybe a bonfire?) to commence afterwards. I'm supposed to bring my bathing suit, too. Gosh, I hope the pool is indoors!

Speaking of bonfires, I was invited to go to one last night at Jesse's, and I came within inches of going. But instead I catered to my little confused heart, dealt with what I needed to, and winterized my apartment (by moving the doves' cage away from the window) and thus reorganized, which seems to be the therapeutic way in which I deal with things when the prospects of love seem far, far away.

So what on earth does a girl wear to a ho-down in the field at a fancy-schamcy private party? Do I dress up? Do I dress down? Do I wear the diamond nose stud or the thin little ring? Would it be corny to make my outfit match the music and the nature of the field?

To prepare, last night I did laundry and tried to put together what on earth a girl should wear to an event like this. And then this morning Nate called, asking about the same important matter. He requested pix, and so I mailed him these. More than likely, I'll choose to wear whatever is opposite of his request. Not to be defiant or's just usually what happens. ;-)

Which one do you like, dear reader?