Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting Political

After Mass today, I stood on a street corner and helped pass out voting flyers, highlighting pro-life candidates, especially local ones that people may not know about.

It felt good to feel political for a bit, since politics aren't typically something I engage in.

But this election is so important to me, and I care so very much about the safety of the unborn, so I think it's essential that we get the message out to vote pro-life!

I will admit it: I am a one-issue voter. How can I trust Obama with my taxes if I can't trust him to care for the weakest member of our society? Until our country gets its priorities in order (with the right to life being at the top) we will have confusion and instability about everything else.

Some people will argue that Obama will help fund organizations that will, in turn, reduce the amount of abortions that happen. To apply this logic to the murder of an adult would go something like this: Let's not make the killing of a person illegal; instead, let's educate people about non-violence so that murders are reduced.

While education is always good, it is the laws that protect us. Please, use your education and moral conscious to vote pro-life on Tuesday!

Voting for McCain,
Lisa :-)