Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've Stopped Washing

So I've stopped washing my face.

Gross, I know. But I've decided to stop.

I decided to do so (or not do so, really) because an uncanny number of people in my life revealed this week that they never use soap on their face. A little water, yes, but that's it. Amazing.

It's not that I was seeking out the skin care regimens of my friends. I just kept stumbling into it this week in everyday conversation. Somehow we'd get to talking about one thing or another (like music or movies or weekend plans), which eventually lead to, "Oh yeah, and I don't want wash my face."

This was a surprising revelation to me, and even more so when it spontaneously came from multiple sources. Is God trying to send me a message?

So I decided to try it, probably to the chagrin of my girly-girl girlfriends. I almost feel guilty about it, though. Not washing your face is socially equivalent to not balancing your checkbook or not changing your undergarments. Why not just take a moment and do it, right?

Some of my friends are addicted to lip balm. They grow agitated and panicked when their lips are in need of a new coating. I've actually seen sensible people forget the basics of hygiene and--in desperation--accept the Chapstick of a stranger with glee. Their lips have stopped producing that natural and necessary coating. I wonder if the same could be true of the face?

Here we go. Wish my skin luck!