Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Lija's Lovely Bridal Shower!

This weekend I was one of seven bridesmaids who helped plan our Little Lija's lovely bridal shower!

It was so much fun being part of the process from beginning to end. Lija's friends have instantly become dear to me. They are such thoughtful, caring, kind girls!

The journey has been so exciting that on Sunday I actually felt a tad sad, knowing that the shower was over. But my sadness was soon replaced by anticipation when I realized that we have another fun event to plan -- her bachelorette party!

My favorite part was seeing the joy on Lija's face as she entered...and as she interacted with each person...and as her eyes widened at the prospects of openening every new gift!

We all had a chuckle when she admitted that she only registered for FOUR dinner plates, figuring (I'm sure) that she ought not to be too greedy and ask for anything more than that. How funny and cute!

I think we managed to convince her that she ought to register for a few more before the wedding on December 27th. :-)

April and Cat were ASTOUNDING chefs who chooked up delicious ethnic dishes from around the world, making our napkins acting passports and the dining room table a veritable globe to travel!

April did a gorgeous job decorating the cake, making it match the theme and plates perfectly!

Jackie went ABOVE AND BEYOND, thinking of every detail possible for the decor, the favors, the food...everything!!

Michelle and Lexi created a beautiful slideshow of old pictures set to music. It was so nice!

Jen created a fun quiz about Lija and Matt, and she also orchestrated a neat little game for guests that involved handwritten wishes and thank you notes.

And then we had the Design-a-Gown Competition! Each guest was asked to decorate a special paper Lija doll that was enclosed with the shower invitation. And the submissions were most unique!

Lija had to choose her favorite gown, and the winner won a prize. Lija's favorite was the Giants-themed wedding gown...which turned out to be created by her future mother-in-law, Matt's mother!

I'm so excited to be part of Lija's life during this very exciting time.

Matt showed up the end. He is such a great guy!!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!!!

Now the countdown begins for their beautiful wedding day!