Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Annoyance of Little Red Speckles

I hate zits. I loathe them. So why has God given me so many?

I've tried expensive cleansers. I've tried changing my pillow case every single night. I've altered my diet. But they keep showing up!

The only connection I can make with them is that they arrive like little spots of sympathy when I'm under stress.

It's like they appear Johnny-on-the-spot when I'm feeling overworked. The only trouble is that they don't help me out at all; they just sit there like annoying little bumps, happy to be along for the ride. They gather in little cliques, chatting about me, I'm sure. "Oh, look at how she's staying up past her bedtime again! Wow, I can't believe she took on another commitment. Yes...there will surely be a few more of us tomorrow morning! Hooray for Lisa's stress!"

In the summertime, when I'm sleeping well, exercising, going nowhere near florescent lighting, and haven't got a worry in the world, they're nowhere to be found. And while my skin will never be porcelain, it's at times like those when I'm like, "Why can't I have a boy notice me now?!"

But I suppose I should celebrate these little red dots of annoyance because they keep me humble. I believe I read somewhere that St. Rose of Lima is the patron of those with blemishes. In her lifetime, she was a very attractive girl who actually poured acid on her skin because she didn't want men to compliment her earthly beauty and distract her from loving her Lord. Incredible!

I wish I were that pious, but seeing as how I am not, perhaps St. Rose is doing a little intercession on my behalf by giving me what I ought to have so that I remain in humility. Thank you, St. Rose, for the little blooming rose buds you give me!