Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Family Gathering in LisaLand

Today was so much fun! My father's side of the family came in to town to celebrate Christmas!

Unfortunately, my cousin Nick was sick (and so he and my Aunt Carolyn stayed home), but my cousins Steve, Greg, and Brad came, along with my Uncle Richard and my Aunt Paula.

We began our day at the batting cages in a new venue that just went up locally, and while I did look ridiculous attempting to swing a baseball bat while wearing a cotton shirt-dress with cable-knit tights, I at least tapped the ball most of the time. Causing laughter, however, was a definite guarantee.

Then we all went out for pizza, and then I had everybody back to my place for the exchange of gifts and for the purposes of seeing my place for the first time and meeting the doves. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and had a nice time!

Pure and Innocent deal excellently with new guests. They swirled around the room with joyful glee, and then teased us all with whose head they would land on. They had everyone giggling and laughing. It was like we were playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

So much fun!