Monday, February 02, 2009

A Girlie Shopping Day

There's nothing quite like going shopping with your girlfriends to boost your morale.

Well, that and the Sacrament of Confession are two tried-and-true ways of making Lisa's outlook brighter. I managed to do both this weekend. Thank goodness. :-)

There could have been as many as 10 of us yesterday, but there turned out to be only half as many that could go, which was fine; because, I suppose, the others were probably tied up with SuperBowl parties and replenishing the bowl of Doritos and whatnot.

For these girls and me, shopping was the only sport we'd participate in on a day like this! So we all met at my place, and this was my favorite part, since I get so much joy from watching people get excited about my doves! The fact that the female is sitting on eggs makes her even more beautiful to the onlooker. Pure puffs up and looks so serene while sitting on her eggs. And she's only got 5 more days until they're supposed to hatch!

Thankfully, I had taken my Jetta to get cleaned (both inside and out) before we all piled into it and hit the Turnpike for the King of Prussia Mall. The day was a myriad of coupons, coffees, dressing room antics, heavy bags, and browsing for boys which ended with dinner and fancy slices of the signature dessert from The Cheesecake Factory.

The prettiest thing I bought yesterday was from the Pottery Barn: a large white ceramic blooming flower, which is the size of a dinner plate! It has absolutely no function except to look lovely while collecting dust! :-)