Saturday, January 31, 2009

help me, for i do not see.

help me, for i do not see.
sadness envelopes me
tiredness trails with me like a shadow.
the eyes of my heart are closed with fear.
have you not heard the silence being spoken from my lips?

like a bird poised for flight but who will not leap,
i sit alone
holding what's left of my optimism,
discovering that no one holds onto some things
but myself.

a girl alone, a girl searching
both for her God and for her love
but how will i feel it
when either looks upon me?

time passes toward oblivion
and still I feel oblivious
my head hurts,
but not as much as my heart.

i dance and play,
as if i were happy,
but i know better
and keep it a secret
(even from myself sometimes)
that i am not.