Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grizzly Lodge at Lake Harmony in the Poconos

This weekend I was invited to join a cabin full of friends at Lake Harmony in the Poconos.

But I couldn't make a weekend of it, since Dana and I had tickets to a Lovedrug / Kingsfoil show on Friday, and on Saturday I would be in the H-burg visiting with Jen and Deb. (It was especially sweet visiting with Jen, since I hadn't seen her in so very long!)

I picked up a Garmin GPS navigator, figuring this road trip was worth it. And although I would miss all the skiing and snowboarding, at least I would be there for the house party in the evening. I packed bedsheets and a blanket, being prepared but anticipating that neither would get used. :-)

There must have been about 20 - 25 people in the house (named Grizzly Lodge), and although I only knew Tim, everyone was so jovial and friendly that I had no excuse for not remembering everybody's names when I departed for home this afternoon.

Around 11 PM, burgers and hot dogs were served, while a half-dozen of us wrapped bacon around water chestnuts and speared them with toothpicks, figuring that a late appetizer is better than not having one at all!

The jacuzzi was outside on the deck, so getting there required your bare feet to walk gingerly on the ice that covered the planks of wood. Those moments--between the letting go of the towel that wrapped around your body to the initial plunge into the hot water--felt like an eternity!

I was in there for over an hour, rising up out of it only for a temporary cool down or a few deep breaths of fresh air. When our trivia questions subsided and the instigator of another game beckoned me inside, my body initially felt dizzy, but my face was anything but that pale that comes from being light-headed. My entire body had a healthy pink glow.

I stunk at pool but played two games, winning the second one (but only because Kellen generously dunked the 8 ball prematurely).

When 5:30 approached and the sky started to lighten, the few of us that were still up decided we ought to hit the hay, and I was grateful to have a bed.

When I awoke a few hours later, the skylight above me was covered with a fresh blanket of snow, making the little village of cabins all the more picturesque on the drive home.