Monday, February 09, 2009

St. Valentine's Day

The Feast Day of St. Valentine is quite possibly my FAVORITE holiday of the entire year! That doesn't mean I don't value Christmas and Easter more (because I do!), but both of those events are unfortunately clouded with commercialism.

What endears Valentine's Day so closely to my heart is the fact that it is the only holiday where small gifts are given with GREAT feeling.

It is also the delightful time of year when little red heart erasers show up on my students' desks and in the school supply aisle of the grocery store.

Cookies and cupcakes are looking their cutest at this time of year, wearing shades of pink, red, and white.

The USPS will surely issue a new stamp with a heart on it, and we'll be able to enjoy them now through the Springtime!

February is the rare month of the year where I will actually start to wear pins on my sweaters, for Valentine's Day pins seem to be the only kind that I like!

And even though I will be celebrating St. Valentine's Feast Day alone again this year, my heart is joyful to see the exchanges of love that take place all around me. So many of my friends have found love this year, even those which haven't known love's joy for many years.

It is beautiful to see, and it gives hope to this planet. Love is in the air!