Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Rock Star Dream

OK, I'll finally admit it: I want to be the front woman in a rock band.

I have wanted this for as long as I can remember. To be a lead singer would be a dream come true! Maybe this is why I've dated so many guys in bands.

I'd be the only girl allowed at band practice, the loyal girlfriend who attended every show, the one who'd take her position up near the front of the crowd, and snapped pictures of all the guys, just like they wanted.

But, really, I never liked the music. It wasn't my band. I was just there to live vicariously through him, jealous that it wasn't me behind the mic.

In high school, I won myself a black Fender in a radio station competition, then bought myself a white Flying V and also a white acoustic.

Of course, I offended these instruments (and my private music teacher) greatly by never practicing and thus making them sound horrible.

But maybe it's because I never wanted to be the girl stuck behind the guitar anyhow. I wanted to be the one who wrote the lyrics, the girl who let slip from her singing lips the deepest feelings of her heart for all to hear. She was an open book...for the sake of her art.

There was a band that once asked me to be their lead singer, but before I could accept or write my first line, they broke up -- and my little heart was left broken, too.

The rock star dream slipped by me, sadly, but it was caught by my friend Trey to whom I had the privilege of teaching his very first chord. He's now a national touring rock star who recently graced the cover of Guitar Player magazine. And I couldn't be more proud! Or jealous, actually! :-)