Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fun Night Out

What a fun night last evening was!

I frantically ran out of my house 30 minutes late, left an apologetic voicemail with Brooke, called Nate (who wanted specifics on my outfit so that his friends could find me tonight), and then noticed the silent akwardness between Samanatha (my GPS) and me, for she has been refusing to speak to me lately (and this concerns me greatly since I question whether or not she's still under that 30-day easy return policy at Radio Shack).

Anyway, I drove to St. Richard's Catholic Church, where my colleague Deb, her husband Chris, Brooke's husband Erik and I witnessed Brooke's "scrutiny," a rite-of-passage Mass where the "elect," who will be welcomed into the Catholic faith at the upcoming Easter Vigil, are given a blessing by the priest and presented to the congregation. I'm so excited for Brooke! And I'm so priviledged to be her sponsor!

Then we all went out to dinner to celebrate! Erik's steak was so massively huge that I simply HAD to take a picture of it. Afraid that I might try to steal it from him, he downed that slab of beef with just a few quick glups. Amazing.

In the parking lot, Brooke gave me a wonderful gift, which surely would rank somewhere high in the Top 50 Most Appropriate Gifts to Give to Lisa. It was a book entitled Sacramentals: Everything You Need to Know But No One Ever Taught You. Receiving this gift was like striking the gold mine!! Could there really be a 336-page book devoted to the material aspects of our faith?! I threw my arms around her in glee when she gave it to me! The book is so unique and so specific that I can only conclude that it was written for ME!

Then I was off to the Chameleon, but not before giving my friends a good round of laugher, as they watched me bring from out of my purse a full-sized toothbrush, a tube of paste, and a cup for the purposes of maintaining my good dental hygeine in the restroom before the next social event. :-)

Dana and I timed our arrivals perfectly, and Daniel met us in the lobby with pre-ordered tickets. We had missed seeing Receiving the Ghost, sadly, but we'd be just in time for Army of Me. Our arrival on the 4th floor balcony was also perfectly timed with that odd moment when a guy named Marc would look away from the stage, catch a glimpse of me, and run over with a warm hello. It was a huge surprise to see my Philadelphia friend here in Lancaster, but then it started to make sense; he was here with Rachel, who turned out to be the friend of Nate's who was looking to identify me based on my attire. And with Rachel was Jen, who I already knew somewhat, plus a few others who ended up being lovely people also.

During Vince Scheuerman's set, Dana and I dropped down to the second floor, where we ran into Nate's parents and sister Emily. Wow, the world keeps getting smaller! After the show, Vince (who is arguably the only guy on MTV who wears the Brown Scapular) and I nerded about being invested into the Confraternity. So much fun!

After The Mint finished their set, our group went fractal. But of the few that remained, we continued the fun at a little Irish place and made the night even more memorable! By 5 AM, I finally was in bed. :-)